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"I’m happy to report our business is moving along at a steady pace. Our Bulldog Brew Café is open daily from 7:30-9:00 am and we have a group of regular customers, both staff and students. Community Coffee has been a wonderful asset. James Gunja was able to supply us with a cappuccino machine which is truly how we make a profit. The French vanilla cappuccino is, by far, our best seller. Alex is a wonderful delivery person and we can always count on him to get us what we need. Our foods class has, occasionally, made banana bread for us to sell as well.

"One of my students showed outstanding dedication and has been promoted to manager. He comes in every morning at 6:30 and gets things up and running before I arrive.

"Our profits have provided several wonderful experiences. Last fall we took a field trips to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History (to see the IMAX movie and the frogs exhibit) and to our State Capitol. We had a “company Christmas party” and went to a movie and out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We have completed several service projects including: UNICEF, Operation Christmas Child, and providing blankets for dialysis patients.

"We are now helping with the Relay for Life Campaign. We are going back to the Tokyo restaurant with our entire class next Tuesday and on April 23rd we are going to the Georgia Aquarium. We are also planning our 2nd anniversary celebration which will be on April 18th and our end-of-the-year celebration. 

"The students have enjoyed having their "pay" and we have also made several purchases that have benefited our classroom. We highly recommend this curriculum and wish success to everyone."

-Myra Welch, Rockdale County High School

"Kelly Bramblett and Stephanie Barber have created a curriculum that has proven to have an amazing benefit for these students as well as the whole staff. Their students are getting real world experiences using math skills, social skills, vocational skills and basic life skills."

-Kelli Jones, School Psychologist

"I have an uncle with intellectual disabilities, if only he was given the chances these children have he would have had the chance to achieve successful life and social skills, but at the age of 60 he still resides with my grandmother (his mother) and depends on her for most things."

-April Widdis, Parent of General Education Student

"I am working every minute of the day on coffee and thinking coffee all night long. It has been absolutely terrific for my kids! The program can work for moderate/severe kids."

-Dr. Sandra Shelnutt, Special Education Teacher

"I always like a business minded person, plus it helps the kids in your classroom learn to have a servant's heart while learning a little business. Great job and great idea!"

-Chris Michaels, General Education Teacher


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